Inspired by Protezioni

For over 20 years, Protezioni has been specializing in the design and production of solutions that increase, protect and separate external and internal spaces in houses and places: "Vetrate Panoramiche" and "Vetrate Scorrevoli", i.e. folding and sliding glass curtains for balconies and terraces , "Coperture mobili e fisse", that is, sliding and fixed roofs, "Recinzioni" e "Barriere Paravento", are fences and windbreaks suitable for delimiting gardens and designating external spaces.

Quality and innovation, efficiency, design and easy-to-use applications bring Protezioni products to the market.

They are designed to meet customer needs and ensure high quality standards. The company guarantees efficient pre- and after-sales service.

This Italian company based in Veglie near Lecce in Italy is characterized by passion and a high level of competence.

Its products make spaces exterior are comfortable

Protezioni products combine functionality and design to optimize comfort outside homes and locations.

Research, selection and attention to detail guarantee our high quality. The numerous installation options available make our products adaptable and adaptable to any design and architectural need. Once the design is approved, the product will be delivered and installed shortly. For every need, the assistance service guarantees a quick response that only an Italian company can do.

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