Inspired by Rossana

Rossana RB: Almost sixty impressive years in the fierce pursuit of dreams. Few brands are so associated with design quality in the collective consciousness. Rossana is one of them, accompanied by the slogan "Kitchens with a heart."

Rossana's history is unique among high-class kitchen manufacturers. Industry-leading brands have always paid attention to their design standards, technology and quality. Its strength is not only limited to responding to market demands, but also to independent research and design and to stay ahead of its time.

Unlike fashion, Rossan's kitchens are built to last. They have been designed and built with meticulous attention to detail to satisfy demanding customers who can appreciate the almost individual quality of each project, a kind of haute couture that is pret-à-porter.

material research

Rossana is characterized by a vocation to research the design and quality of materials, which over the years has resulted in a unique and exclusive blend of innovation while respecting the environment.

Rossana's criteria for handmade kitchens draw directly from the best Italian tradition know-how. These many years of practice are based on material sourcing and a historical and aesthetic culture where competence distinguishes each piece, achieving an unmatched result and high added value.

Research, innovation and technical and material experimentation are Rossana's criteria that allow you to follow the path to increasing the expressiveness of materials. It also requires anticipating the needs of an international market that is constantly evolving, adapting and interpreting the new housing needs of global life.

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