Inspired by Sagevan Marmi

SA.GE.VAN. Marmi transforms marble (including Statuary Whites and Paonazzo), which Gemignani & amp; Vanelli Marmi mines in Carrara from the city's quarries: various companies joined by the family fil rouge and together form a short marble production chain. A production chain that includes more than three hundred companies from the local territory: laboratories, artisans, designers, other Carrara quarries and universities to conduct experimental and theoretical research to recover the use of whatever is mined from the quarries.
SA. GE.VAN. Marmi works with architects and designers, processors, wholesalers and real estate agencies all over the world who can find a potential partner in the company who is able to offer a wide range of top quality marble and highly qualified personnel with extensive experience who follow the customer directly from the selection marble or design phase.

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