Inspired by Elmar

In 1978, Ivo De Colle decided to start Elmar in Biancade (TV). From the beginning, it was characterized by innovation and research. When the owner's son Stefano joined the company in 1991, the company began working with external designers to develop original, ergonomic motion systems. Over the years, they have become the hallmark of the company.

history and designers

The movement of Elmar towards more modern lines was accelerated in 2007 thanks to the design cooperation of Ludovica + Roberto Palomba. Exclusive equipment solutions have been created that meet numerous needs

EL_01, Playground and Slim are structured collections in which symbol and functionality coexist. The market and design take up the challenge and Slim is selected by the Adi Design Index in 2003. The space attributed to its sensitivity to the materials used and known from the research "Translation Architecture", which draws attention from the architectural object itself to its relationship with the context, created c + s Architects in cooperation with Elmar @home, which will be presented at the Eurocucina 2014 fair .

ELMAR values

For Elmar, kitchens have always meant sharing and everyday socializing. A real macro world full of flavors, essences, tastes and emotions. Where extreme versatility allows you to reinvent a space with just a few gestures, transforming it into a multi-functional, dynamic space. Listening to and caring for relationships enables a new way of reading today's events and having a timely, high-quality, cutting-edge response at hand.

Elmar products have three core values: people first, research and sustainability

it has always made the company unique.

Research and Development

Continuous innovation and careful design analysis distinguish Elmar from other players in its industry. Its many distinctive elements exemplify true, true corporate icons. Sliding Table, Easy Table, Wing Table, Monoblock 0_10 are simple, functional designs that become part of each collection, offering concrete, innovative space optimization. The sliding table is a great success: thanks to an international technical patent, it soon became a real milestone in the company's history. The process certification in accordance with ISO 9001 (since 2001) and the Catas certification of doors, materials and characteristic elements underline Elmar's concern for the quality and durability of its products. The fil rouge of environmental sustainability dictates the production rules. In their design and production strategy, the selection of raw materials and suppliers, production stages, recycling and transport are based on the absolute respect for sustainable values . The structures are made of ecological

made of Idroleb panels, which guarantee low formaldehyde emission

and the use of lighting systems resulted in a really reduced consumption.

Most materials used in kitchen systems is 100% recyclable and 70% of purchased materials come from suppliers located within 100 km from the company. Elmar uses a photovoltaic system in its production cycle. Thanks to this, it is self-sufficient for 60% of the energy consumed. The company has always had a careful collection and disposal system for production waste, optimizing the amount of furniture and accessories during transport. To this end, the company has over the years created its contract department

Training resources for the specific needs of this sector: quick interaction, design support, customization and presentation of the offer, organizational, logistic and installation skills are the strengths of the Elmar Contract team.

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