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Tradition and technology. Minotti furniture is characterized by this binomial that combines artistry and cutting-edge innovation. The result is upholstery and modern furniture thought for a discerning and sophisticated audience, pure haute couture products. Minotti products are finished by the hands of highly professional craftsmen and come to life through high-tech industrial processes. A wide range of fabrics and exclusive leathers enable Minotti to meet the needs of those who do not like the series production concept. Minotti sofas are luxury furniture, meeting the highest quality standards, made strictly in Italy thanks to the company's many years of craftsmanship experience.
Minotti: upholstery, furniture accessories and accessories Minotti sofas and armchairs are characterized by a combination of exclusivity handcrafted techniques as well as research and continuous innovation in the field of concepts and development processes led by Rodolfo Dordoni. The high quality of Minotti upholstery is also due to the use of noble and unique materials. The Minotti textile collection is one of the company's added values and is renewed year by year to meet the sophisticated tastes of customers.
Minotti fabrics are exclusively produced with sophisticated textures and structured threads. There is a choice between cotton, velvet, linoleum, chenille or cashmere for the cover and the stylish finish of upholstered furniture. Minotti leather also allows custom products to be shaped through research into always innovative tanning and colors. Minotti fabrics and leathers are guaranteed through rigorous testing according to the most stringent ISO standards. Minotti's design is synonymous with sophistication and modern style, and brings designs to life that reflect a lifestyle under the sign of luxury. A wide range of upholstery, furniture and accessories Minotti equips stylish, exclusive and modern spaces around the world.
Minotti collections become the heroes of the living room and more. Minotti also offers bedroom, contract solutions, and a range of accessories and textiles designed to enhance your living room with rugs and cushions. In recent years, Minotti has presented a collection that can be used both indoors and outdoors. This Lifescape Collection, the interior / exterior collection by Minotti, allows for stylistic and visual continuity from the living area to the garden or terrace. The materials are deliberately tested for wear and weather resistance. Each of Minotti's products carries the value of a unique, exclusive item made in Italy and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and Guarantee that confirms its originality. Minotti retailers offer a highly professional service in design development, sales and after-sales service, as it should be for the most demanding customers.
History and evolution of the Minotti brand Minotti is an Italian company known internationally as "Made in Italy" excellence in the contemporary sector interior design and an interpreter of the concept of classic-modern lifestyle in the residential and hotel sector. He was born in 1948 in Meda by the intuition of Alberto Minotti. The initial craft character quickly evolved and acquired an industrial stamp and scale, starting in the 1960s. The step forward came thanks to Albert's sons, Renato and Roberto Minotti, who took over the helm of the company from 1991 following the premature death of their father. They initiated the process of growth and expansion into international markets. Responsible for the company's strategies since 1998, they shared the creative vision and aesthetic values of the products with architect Rodolfo Dordoni, whom they assigned a strategic role in coordinating the Minotti collection. The key to Minotti's identity is the full expression of the concept of "Made in Italy", which today is inextricably linked with tradition and innovation. The savoir-faire of artisans finishes a product born of the latest technology, and the intelligence of the hands adds sensitivity and emotion to industrial precision. This high level of know-how is complemented by careful research of materials and technological solutions that reinforce the taste in impeccable detail, in an ideal pursuit of excellence that interests all departments of the company.
Over the years Minotti has been developing code that runs like a constant through collections, in accordance with the guiding principle of innovation in the sign of continuity. It comes from the DNA of Minotti, combined with the values of aesthetic sobriety, timeless elegance, continuity with tradition, artisanal savoir-faire with tailoring attention to detail. Minotti Studio plays a key role in this process, the heart and mind of the company that embodies all the competencies of the creative supply chain, from architecture to interior design, from prototyping to engineering, from graphics to design. visual, from marketing to communication. Minotti Studio shapes designers' ideas and designs, channeling all the creative energy - which also have a culturally diverse background - towards creating indoor and outdoor collections for home and communities that interpret Minotti's identity and evolving lifestyles. The family story goes on. The same dedication and long- term vision that contributed to the company's success during its sixty years of life is shared by the third generation. At the head of Alessio, Alessandro e Susanna took up the challenges of the digital and multicultural world of the third millennium. Minotti's international vocation translates into a widespread presence in 64 countries through 40 flagship stores and a network of over 400 qualified distributors around the world, places where you can experience the company's refined and international lifestyle.

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