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Martinelli Luce was founded in the 1950s with the inspiration of the designer Elio Martinelli, who decided to create a brand that would become a benchmark in the lighting industry. From the very beginning, the company was distinguished by a catalog of interior luminaires, intended mainly for commercial stores and public spaces. The company will then expand its range of outdoor lighting systems in addition to indoor lights. From now on, Martinelli Luce's productions are characterized by the essence of the line, characterized by a sober style, but at the same time deviating from classic patterns. The design of Martinelli Luce is elegant and draws maximum inspiration from the natural world, with particular emphasis on the animal kingdom. Collaboration with leading designers helped catapult Martinella Luce to Olympus as world leaders in the field. In addition to commercial success, Martinelli Luce boasts numerous awards and distinctions in the field of international design.

Geometry and nature: lighting design Martinelli Luce Martinelli Luce has been leading a project of continuous innovation in design in the world of lighting for three generations. The brand's products, which are synonymous with Made in Italy all over the world, are recognizable for their personal and unique style inspired by the natural world. Wildlife in particular is the main creative stimulus for designers who have worked with Martinelli Luce for years

among the collection's most emblematic creations are Pipistrello, Cobra, Serpente, Bruco, Calabrone and Le Rondini, excellent examples of how creativity Martinelli Luce takes the form of design objects with an artistic taste and in which a naturalistic element plays a leading role in the design. The choice of designers' games. The natural world motifs are also translated into geometric shapes, bringing to life designs with a strong experimental connotation such as Colibrì, Nuvole Vagabonde, Bolla and Fluida , objects designed to maximize the light in the environment and at the same time add decoration and charm to the room that receives them .

Indoor and outdoor lighting: the Martinelli Luce collections Brand develops 360-degree solutions for indoor and outdoor lighting, giving life to solutions that can give charm to any context without sacrificing functionality. In the Martinelli Luce catalog, you can choose from a very wide range of pendant lamps with clearer or more muted lines, wall, ceiling, table and floor lamps. The offer of spotlights for indoor and outdoor applications is also rich and varied. Martinelli Luce was able to broaden his creative horizons by also creating solutions outside the lighting sector: proof of this is the Metaphora coffee table and the original Clochard design object, located halfway between the coffee table, lamp and empty bag.

The solutions developed by the brand and currently managed by Emiliana Martinelli include a series of lamps and accessories to decorate offices with attractive and bold lines that perfectly reflect modernity and character: not only office lighting, but also partition walls and acoustic panels, such as the Hush series in a fabric with integrated lighting that not only gives the space personality but also helps to improve the quality of the space. For the contract market, the brand develops solutions for restaurants and bars to define an elegant and innovative image of the brand's surroundings. First of all, the designer and architect Gae Aulenti, who designed the Pipistrello and Ruspa collections. In addition to the Friulian artist , personalities such as Sergio Asti, Studio Orlandini, Marc Sadler, Luc Ramael, Studio Lucchi & Biserni, Angelo Micheli, Michel Bouquillon, Karim Rashid deserve special mention, each of whom left an important mark in the years of Martinelli luce's history < / br>
The brand also has a significant number of awards and distinctions to its credit, making it one of the benchmarks for lighting design around the world. To name just the latest, the Erica lamp won the iF Product Design Gold Award 2010 and Compasso d'Oro 2011

the Colibrì series won the iF Product Design Award 2011 and the iF Product Design Award 2013

Toy Lamp won the iF Product Design Award 2011 and the ADI Design Index

the success of the Fluida lamp was appreciated by Young & Design 2013, ADI Design Index 2015 and Mention d'Onore - Compasso d'Oro 2016

iF product design award 2014 for Circular Pol XXL

iF Product Design Award 2015 for Lunaop lamps, iF Product Design Award 2015 for Colibrì
Condor lamps received the iF Product Design Award 2016, as did Calabrone, also an award winner. iF Product Design Award 2016 e Awards - Best of Category 2016.

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