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Open wooden shelf Kozen

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Inspired by Minotti Dalton CHROME (not replica Minotti Dalton CHROME)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: Minotti Dalton

Product description

More than a shelf, an architectural structure, with a facade reminiscent of classical charm. Thick shelves create a decidedly horizontal pattern, interrupted here and there by vertical metal segments, which create an irregular and effective division of space. The architectural formality of the project is complemented by an equally passionate search for the best and most unusual materials, creating a fascinating contrast. In this way, the shine of polyester lacquered rosewood and the glossy white and granite lacquer finishes contrast beautifully with the subdued severity of the metal, finished in a new, fresh tin-colored "mille righe" pattern, created by Minotti Studio. To make the interplay of positive and negative space even more impressive, you can add back panels in glossy lacquered white and granite or in matte lacquered rosewood. Dalton transforms the shelf archetype into a stand-out piece in the living room, enriched with highly decorative decorative elements that are far from all forms of excess and ostentation.


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Open wooden shelf Kozen

Open wooden shelf Kozen

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