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Open modular sectional shelf Andenne

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Inspired by Quadrifoglio Group Bookcase (not replica Quadrifoglio Group Bookcase)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: Quadrifoglio Group Design Living

Product description

complete collection in which furnishing elements combine according to functional and aesthetic needs and integrate to respond to the different needs of the living space.
The versatility of the shelf takes into account the needs of modern life in public and private spaces, for example, for example, an office or a living room at home, a library on a university campus, a hotel lobby and other guest rooms.
The structure is made of wood and is available in various sizes. The shelves can be further enriched by inserting doors or adding a ladder with a coordinated design.
In addition to structural adjustments, Bookcase also offers the opportunity to play with aesthetics thanks to wooden finishes: natural, for subdued and classic contexts, or lacquered, which you can choose from 23 shades to bring dynamic and modern spaces to life. To create an surrounding comfort and beauty that will make you feel good, the Quadrifoglio Group proposes collections of Italian interior design dedicated to residential buildings & hotel facilities: a range of furniture, seats and accessories such as side tables, cabinets and mirrors that add personality to rooms and dynamics.
Choosing furniture is also an act of deep self-awareness: the place where we design is our mirror, it reflects who we are and who we were, and reveals who we will be.


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Open modular sectional shelf Andenne

Open modular sectional shelf Andenne

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