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Open, modular, floating steel shelf Hallow

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Inspired by Opinion Ciatti Pacifico (not replica Opinion Ciatti Pacifico)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Product description

paradox that is taking shape: a wall that, instead of dividing, unites thanks to the power of knowledge. A wall of books that turns into a bastion of peace and hope for the future. Inspired by a symbolic painting from Kiev, Pacifico is a completely new bookcase designed by Lapo Ciatti, a book shelter that stands against the wall, metaphorically becoming a meeting place of culture and knowledge.
The name of this piece of furniture also evokes historical roots: Pacifico was an archdeacon who in the Carolingian era, he actively contributed to the development of the Biblioteca Capitolare in Verona, the oldest library in the Western world, still open today.
Like the common thread connecting Pacifico and Ptolomeo, it is a tribute to those who brought culture to the world. In fact, both Ptolemy I Soter - hence the iconic Ptolomeo collection - and Pacificus were outstanding personalities who contributed to the spread of knowledge and whom Opinion Ciatti wants to celebrate with its products.
A steel wall-mounted shelf, Pacifico is distinguished by its modularity. Available in four different modules, it can be combined into countless compositions to suit the requirements of any project. The design of the Pacifico shelf is as important as it is carefully studied. It consists of two vertical steel posts mounted to the wall, on which - depending on the selected version - you can place shelves, bookends, but also, optionally, a desk, making this shelf perfect as a functional corner for a home office.
The product that combines blends into the surrounding space without losing its unique character.
Modular open shelf made of steel. Available in four versions. Large configurations are possible by combining modules. Requires wall mounting.
- SET A: 14 shelves. Designed for stacking books horizontally.
- SET B: 7 shelves and 14 bookends.
- SET Shelf A: 6 shelves and a desk shelf made of acrylic stone. Designed for stacking books horizontally.
- SET Shelf B: 3 shelves, 6 book supports and a desk shelf made of acrylic stone.
Shelf, stand and support finish: matte white RAL 9016. Desk finish: white .

Technical data

Total base 90x24 cm, height 192 cm
Desk 43x90 cm, thickness 1.5 cm, placed 74 cm above the ground


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Open, modular, floating steel shelf Hallow

Open, modular, floating steel shelf Hallow

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