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Based in Calenzano, the lively artistic and cultural center of the province of Florence, Opinion Ciatti has been producing furniture since 1950. Founded by Rolando Ciatti, the brand represents the essence of Made-in-Italy design and production. Kitchen, living, sleeping and outdoor furniture by Ciatti is distinguished by the brand's passion for design and innovation. The Tuscan company is always open to experimentation as a true creative studio combining craftsmanship and aesthetic renewal.

Opinion Ciatti furniture and accessories: aesthetics at the service of function Feedback Ciatti furniture and accessories are distinguished by originality, breaking sharply but always harmoniously , with classic canons of home design. The company's catalog includes an assortment of sofas and armchairs, tables, chairs and living room furniture such as shelves and sideboards. The Ptolomeo bookcase, designed by Bruno Rainaldi and awarded "Compasso d'Oro" in 2004, has become a design icon. The vertical self-supporting stainless steel rack seems to disappear completely when it reaches its total capacity. The ingenious and simple design of the object reduces the "container" to an indispensable element in favor of "content" - in this case, books - that appear to stand alone in a seemingly unstable vertical stack. Ptolomeo is available in three heights and different finishes, making it suitable for any furnishing context. Ciatti's opinion also produces kitchen accessories. The Axis system consists of free-standing kitchen units with a minimalist and modern design. Collections of lighting, outdoor furniture and interior design are created with style and formal calm. The company's delicate fabrics give character to each context, in full compliance with the company's philosophy. Ciatti's opinion is also active in the office and utility furniture industry, with a particular flair for bars and restaurants.

From 1950 to today: Ciatti's opinion story between innovation and design In 1950, Rolando Ciatti wanted to find a suitable location for his TV , a new piece of equipment that was beginning to fill an Italian home. So he founded Ciatti to specialize in the production of television furniture. After the first period in the market, Flavia Ciatti, the second generation of brand leaders, took over the management of the company in the 1980s. She turned the company around and through an important collaboration with Art Director Gianni Pareschi inaugurated a new, highly innovative collection that skillfully combines materials such as steel, which was used almost exclusively for industrial purposes, with home design accessories. At that time, the brand took a new direction, becoming a symbol of Made in Italy interior design. In the early 2000s, Opinion Ciatti began collaborating with the creative Bruno Rainaldi. The company has taken a decisive step towards designer furniture, solidifying its position in the market with its proven ability to rediscover concepts and approaches never before explored in this sector. The turning point for the company was the launch of the Ptolomeo rack, still the flagship product of Opinion Ciatti. In 2011, Bruno Rainaldi passed the Lapo Ciatti baton to the third generation in charge of the brand's organizational and artistic management. The first collection, designed by Lapo Ciatti himself in 2013, is the most evident manifestation of the company's identity. It is a meeting place and a synthesis of the most innovative and unconventional proposals with a taste for historical and traditional tensions, which become the leitmotifs, represented by the concept of travel in a symbolic, not physical interpretation. The last period is the constant development and aesthetic search of the company. In 2016, the first historic floating hotel in the French capital was opened at OFF Paris Seine in Paris, the interior of which was designed entirely by Opinion Ciatti. At Salone del Mobile 2017 in Milan, Opinion Ciatti presented over 300 finishes that reimagine the very idea of home space, skilfully combining masterful craftsmanship with advanced industrial production.

Ciatti's opinion on Unique furniture and accessories . Ciatti's opinion presents a wide selection of shelves, tables, chairs and lamps online in the store.

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