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Open, free-standing shelf Creston

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Inspired by Acerbis Outline (not replica Acerbis Outline)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Product description

With Outline, Giacomo Moor has created an elegantly functional, free-standing system of wooden cabinets and shelves contrasted with an iron supporting structure that can be placed against a wall or in the center of the space. Unique round recesses for mounting in shelves and cabinets break the linearity of the design and allow components to be inserted freely, easily sliding them in and out when changing the layout. The visual contrast between the dimensions of the cabinets and shelves and the lightness of the structure combines a contemporary visual effect with a handmade cabinet. Frames and cabinets A circular recess placed in the shelves and cabinet arms allows the shelf and cabinet to be inserted into the rounded sides of the metal frame, which is a structural and aesthetic detail. This method of fitting allows cabinets with door openings to be placed alternately on both sides to be placed in the central room. Cabinets with hinged or flap doors (R) depending on the type. The back is also perfectly finished. The set includes glass shelves. The shelf is self-supporting; rear wall supports are recommended. Adjustable bottom. Finishes_ Shelves and cabinets in eucalyptus veneer or stained dark walnut;_ additional backrest in eucalyptus veneer or stained dark walnut;_ frame made of steel painted in satin nickel black. Optional accessories: Additional back panels in the same thickness and finish as the doors (25 mm) can be used for cabinets when set up in a central room. Dimensions Available in three different sizes, each with its own configuration; intended for use individually or together.

Technical data

main 41 x L 108 x H 221 cm D 41 x L 144 x H 221 cm D 41 x L 178 x H 221 cm


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Open, free-standing shelf Creston

Open, free-standing shelf Creston

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