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Bookshelf Warana

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Inspired by Baxter Joni (not replica Baxter Joni)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: Baxter Joni

Product description

Joni is an open bookcase made of wood and leather.
Construction of brushed, veneered oak plywood colored in a shade of caramel, charcoal or tobacco. Curved elements covered with leather. Adjustable bottom. Available as free-standing or wall-mounted. Furniture accessories from the Joni collection, unencumbered with unnecessary elements, reinterpret the eclecticism of the interiors of the glamor decade.
Of all today's trends, the most popular is the one that celebrates the look of the 1970s. Like a spiritual heritage, the splendor of the decade of disco music also rests on the world of design, which, following the trail of such a culturally stratified era, indulges in a new interpretation of its original eclecticism.
Spatial explorations, with the focus on the sky combined with the definition of holidays and travel, they implement creative ideas for interiors and rewrite the approach to life: the rule here is to free the environment from rigid superstructures. This means open spaces, flowing lines, rounded corners; their creation requires reconstruction so that the experiences of the early 20th century can be brought to life filtered through details still visible in our homes. Joni elevates them and gives them new meaning.
The collection designed by Christophe Delcourt for Baxter is a perfect synthesis of nostalgia and futurism. The desk, the element that more than any other informs us about how the room is used, departs from managerial rigor: the chest of drawers placed under a large work table is covered with one of the bases, which adapts to its profile halfway along, creating a harmony of solids and voids. In the case of a shelf, free-standing or wall-mounted, the concept of verticality corresponds to the idea of curvature. Modular, it plays with the dualism between symmetry and asymmetry and offers a relaxing, undulating movement that is pleasing to the eye. The low cabinet has an elegant profile, and its spacious volume, interrupted by the concept of doors with a three-dimensional effect, changes the perspective of the room.
The combination of polished oak and leather reflects the idea of \u200b\u200bcontemporary classicism that transcends time. And we have the pleasure of choosing combinations from the many nuances available.


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Bookshelf Warana

Bookshelf Warana

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