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Baxter is one of those companies that make Italy proud of its traditions. From founder Luigi Bestetti to his nephew Paolo, this reality of Lurago d'Erba in the province of Como has made leatherworking a new art that is reflected in high-quality products with a high aesthetic profile, such as armchairs and sofas, garden furniture and office. Raw materials of absolute value, Made in Italy, respect for the environment and the people who are the backbone of the company make Baxter a truly meaningful reality for those looking for furniture that not only follows fashion but remains forever, bringing along with it is the decisive craft brand and the production process certified to ISO 14001, a guarantee of transparency for the customer.

Baxter, leather furniture since 1990 Although it is not the only material used, leather is definitely a real raw material for Baxter. I am talking about full-grain, noble leather, the artistry of which becomes an art in the hands of masters of the tanning company. Thus, the leather remains supple, breathable, durable and pleasant to the touch, with marks and imperfections that make each piece of furniture unique. Leather comes from the mountains of Northern Europe and is transported to the quarters of Italian tanneries, where it is processed before becoming part of an exclusive piece of furniture. The company's tanners work and color the leather according to ancient traditions, natural anilines. Then this noble material is folded, sewn, pleated, polished, silk-screened, each time becoming different and unique, becoming a perfect and tailor-made "dress" for the interiors we live in.
With almost 30 years of history behind him, Baxter has always focused on creating the emotion and sensory experience that make people dream. In the imagination of the owners of the company, leather furniture almost complements the body of those who use it, as if the leather of armchairs, chairs and sofas has become a comfortable and valuable dress that can be worn in the comfort of your home or office. The centuries-old Italian leather tradition finds at Baxter a company to be proud of, where love for beauty becomes a flag to be carried abroad. Today, Paolo Bestetti, heir to this prestigious company, continues the family tradition with great Italian and international designers.

Colors, finishes and design from the Baxter collection. If there is one thing Baxter has always valued highly. with this state of mind is the key to mixing and creating unpredictable items, with exclusive materials, amazing workmanship, unique textures and elegant designs that match the classy interior. Collections are designed to fill and unite environments, the rules are often broken to create new solutions, always in balance between the past and the future, between the classics and the futuristic . Of course, such a high level of furniture also becomes personalized through the study of space and volume and the creation of custom-made furniture for a particularly demanding clientele. Colors, finishes, design: everything is worked out down to the smallest detail to produce as well as top quality furniture, an experience hard to find elsewhere. Baxter also furnishes the sleeping area with a wide variety of beds, some of which are almost futons.

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