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Marble secretary's desk Lezhe

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Inspired by Arflex Sigmund (not replica Arflex Sigmund)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: Arflex Sigmund

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variations on the same theme, Zygmunt continues his introspective journey through form and use. In addition to the furniture duo launched in 2018, its extension designed in tribute to Freud was completed in 2019 with a desk, a coffee table and a side table.
The construction principles remain unchanged: trays suspended on lacquered metal, combinations of exoskeleton punching units and screws brass. As if to complete the words of the most famous psychoanalyst, each tray now goes to marble. A sensual marble, a tablet of truth, perfectly illustrating the Freudian saying: "Desire is the most common generator of dreams." To remain true to this search for inner honesty, the design of this collection reveals its constructive method.


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Marble secretary's desk Lezhe

Marble secretary's desk Lezhe

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