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Founded in Milan in 1947, Arflex had its origins in the production of upholstered sofas and armchairs as well as tables, chairs, lighting and accessories for interior and exterior. Thanks to their founders' roots in big industry and upholstered furniture know-how, they moved the company to a more industrial manufacturing process and began experimenting with innovative materials such as foam rubber and elastic band. The company continued to grow, attracting names in architecture and design such as Paola Vella, Joe Colombo, Belgiojoso, Enrico Peressutti, Richard Rogers, Pierluigi Spadolini. Arflex has won numerous international awards, from the Compasso d'Oro to the Gold Medal Triennial, Wallpaper Awards, to the Emu Image Award; its products are constantly on display at MoMA in New York, Milan Triennale, Tokyo Triennale and Chicago Athenaeum. Research, even in the field of culture and sociology, the spirit of innovation and attention to detail have characterized the company since the 1950s. That is why Arflex is still a leading brand in the international furniture scene.

Arflex. History of Italian Design The creative and orderly minds of Carlo Barassi and Renato Teani, the pillars of the Pirelli company, invented Arflex in an office in the heart of Milan in 1947. Together with several other partners, they envisioned the use of new materials in the furniture sector. After just four years, the company's first models were successfully presented at the Triennial in Milan. Technology and aesthetics have always accompanied the company. In the years 1951-1954, the Arflex company produced seats for cars such as Fiat Topolino, which made car travel more comfortable. Before the 1960s, the company was already known all over Europe. Starting in the second half of this decade, Arflex has produced some truly innovative and still iconic products, such as the Gaia armchair (1965) in polyester resin and fiberglass and the innovative Serpentone sofa by Cini Boeri (1971) with potentially infinite length and enveloping forms.
In the 1990s / 2000s, the company's new art director, Carlo Colombo, believed that some of its most successful models were still relevant today. For example, he revised and re-released Cocca, a polyurethane garden chair with armrests. The sturdy shell is made of a single form available in multiple colors and is lined with soft, enveloping, comfortable goose down pillows. Although intended for outdoor use, this armchair fits stylishly into many interiors.
At the same time, the company produced other lines of furniture, such as the Hillside series, which also includes a spacious horizontal wall unit designed by the Swedish studio Claesson Koivisto Runa. This collection uses the box as a modular unit that can be adapted to any spatial context and can be combined with other items in different sizes and shapes from the same series. In this way, interiors can be constantly changed according to the user's creative wishes.

Arflex solutions for a more comfortable life In 2013, a collection was created in the Stockholm office of Claesson Koivisto Rune, which immediately became an icon. Hug, produced to this day, is a series of upholstered armchairs and sofas with a table that complements it. It all started with an armchair with leather armrests and a metal frame, profiles made of walnut and oak wood, and polyurethane foam padding. Its extreme comfort is accompanied by a very distinctive look defined by two softly hugging armrests (hence the name Hug), creating a reassuring sense of personal space. The high back sofa works on the same principles as the chair and is available in a variety of colors. It is small but large for comfort and relaxation.
The rectangular marble table was later added to the collection as an addition to the design. Made of painted metal in Hug colors with adjustable legs and wooden profiles, it has a large marble surface, making it suitable for living interiors, like the rest of the collection. Hug is just one of the many Arflex lines that have become iconic over the years. It is inspired by the sixties and seventies, only partially reinterpreted in a more modern tone while remaining true to its roots.
When it comes to outdoor furniture, Arflex also produces the Cloud Collection by Carlo Colombo, a garden line that includes a beautiful steel sofa with flexible stripes. Thanks to its soft and cozy forms, the sofa fits naturally into any outdoor space among trees or on the lawn. It is extremely comfortable thanks to the elastic straps that pamper everyone who sits on it. Pillows and mattresses are made of fabrics suitable for outdoor use. Rubycon, a minimalist and elegant wooden cabinet with hinged doors, will decorate any living room. The elements are cube-shaped containers that can be stacked to form a vertical column or mounted horizontally next to each other. Available in custom colors and sizes, the cubes have no handles or visible knobs and can be used in countless ways.


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