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Rectangular desk Bellano

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Inspired by TemaHome Loft (not replica TemaHome Loft)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Product description

The Loft desk was created out of the need for a simple and multifunctional product. Nowadays, users know exactly what they want, and with so many new technological gadgets, every person has multiple devices, which makes designing smart furniture for your home even more important. The Loft desk concept was created in this growing technological context, with the needs of the modern user especially in mind. It offers different display areas for tablets and mobile phones, both in charging and idle states. The space at the back allows notebooks to be displayed and includes useful open areas to route cables through, benefiting the workspace with minimal cable intrusion.

Technical data

Loft - Height 89 cm Width 126 cm Depth 72 cm
Loft XS - Height 89 cm Width 90 cm Depth 54 cm


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Rectangular desk Bellano

Rectangular desk Bellano

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