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Rectangular wooden desk Stulln

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Inspired by BD Barcelona Design REmix VOL. 6 OFFICE GAME (not replica BD Barcelona Design REmix VOL. 6 OFFICE GAME)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: BD Barcelona Design REmix

Product description

REmix vol.6 Office Game is a rectangular desk in black painted chipboard with colorful ash magnets.
Treating work as a game, Trini Salamanca and Pablo Párraga, members of Las Ánimas, have done to tackle this new release of the REmix project , started by BD in 2016. In this case, it was about using the remains of the Aula Integral System, i.e. a wardrobe, table and side drawer, designed by Pete Sans in 1996, sold by BD from 2002 and then discontinued.
After going through the workshop of a pair of young artists from Seville, the piece of furniture entered another dimension to become a work of art, without losing its original functionality. The concept behind her interpretation was to create an analog video game, a material geometric projection of an imaginary cyber world that the user can change at will.
This series is unique in that only one copy exists. The whole is complemented by 570 small geometric pieces of wood in various colors, magnetized, also handmade by artists. Thanks to them, you can create endless combinations. It is part of the BD Art Editions catalogue.
“Respecting consistently the original form and use, we have transformed the surfaces of this office furniture into a black and white canvas, a futuristic chessboard subject to constant change and transformation through interaction that fosters creativity, concentration and the creation of a different universe, where there are no rules other than imagination.” Las Ánimas
materials and finishes
Unique elements. Black painted fiberboard with inserted magnets. Graphics in white. Geometric objects (three shapes) made of ash wood and a built-in magnet in the colors: yellow, cyan, blue, red and green. The end customer can customize the geometric elements to create their own composition. This project was called REmix because it has a kind of mix of, for example, disco music that was fashionable at the same time that the original elements were designed. To complete it, we enlisted the help and participation of various authors. REmix Vol.1 is a limited set of candlesticks (1) made by Curro Claret. Given his profile and trajectory, we couldn't have chosen a better designer to start the project with. REmix Vol.2 is a limited edition cabinet set (2), developed by Ramón Úbeda and the BD technical team.


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Rectangular wooden desk Stulln

Rectangular wooden desk Stulln

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