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Candlestick Stulln

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Inspired by BD Barcelona Design REmix VOL.1 (not replica BD Barcelona Design REmix VOL.1)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: BD Barcelona Design REmix

Product description

This project was called REmix because it has a kind of mix of, for example, disco music that was fashionable at the same time as the original songs were being designed. To complete it, we enlisted the help and participation of various authors. REmix Vol.1 is a limited set of candlesticks (1) made by Curro Claret. Given his profile and trajectory, we couldn't have chosen a better designer to start the project with. REmix Vol.2 is a limited edition cabinet set (2), developed by Ramón Úbeda and the BD technical team.

Technical data

5 discs 29 x 28 x height 9 cm
3 discs 27 x 24 x height 7 cm
Small ball 10 x 6 cm
Large ball 14 x 10 cm


BD Barcelona Design, Curro Claret, REmix, Candlesticks, Decorations, Home decorations, Candlestick, Contemporary style candlesticks, Candlesticks


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Candlestick Stulln

Candlestick Stulln

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