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3-seater fabric sofa Abades

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Inspired by Moroso Karmakoma (not replica Moroso Karmakoma)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: Moroso Sushi edition

Product description

The Karmakoma sofa is made of stress-resistant, flame-retardant polyurethane foam of various densities and polyester fiber on a wooden frame. The sofa has legs made of varnished beech wood screwed to the frame. The covers of the Sushi collection are not removable, except for the cushions. Sushi, Karkaoma, Juju, Donut, Joy, damask embroidery, oriental symbolism, floral patterns and digital grids: a collection that finds its identity in an abundance of layers. There is an accumulation of various stimuli and impulses, a manic flow that passes from architectural forms to various images from folklore. Traditional, futuristic, digital rationality, three-dimensional, romantic, psychedelic rapture, visual melting pot of fabrics, fear of emptiness, harmony, immodesty, delicacy and geometric austerity... an endless sequence of images and visions that neither frighten nor intimidate, but rather welcome user in a soft, hypnotic kaleidoscope.
The blue edition of the Sushi collection for Moroso is based on the original Sushi series, a playful range of sophisticated seating solutions for living rooms. While the original line features a wealth of colors, the blue edition has a more stately look with subtle geometric patterns in shades ranging from cerulean to royal cobalt blue. Additionally, the collection will include red, green and gray editions.
The Sushi Collection is designed to offer a wide range of seating options for living rooms and lobbies. From open benches and poufs to high-walled chairs allowing for more private conversations or intimate face-to-face meetings. A surprising variety of shapes transforms spaces into landscapes where harmonious colors and patterns serve to unite various elements. All Febrik fabrics are woven from durable yet very comfortable materials.


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3-seater fabric sofa Abades

3-seater fabric sofa Abades

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