Inspired by Movidos

MOVIDOS was founded in 2013 by a team of Italian companies and their experience in the production of professional equipment in various sectors. It is an ambitious research and development project, whose main mission is to create innovation based on technical knowledge and human resources, putting at the service of customers unconventional intuitions. The result is to fill some gaps found in daily work, professionalize existing ideas or create new solutions for interior and exterior.

The system is based on independent modules equipped with solid wheels that allow easy mobility, but are not visible after the installation of the object.

Thanks to the various sizes of modules available, reception desks or bar counters can even be completely created from devices and systems in just a few minutes. The shapes and sizes can be freely changed.

Movidos uses the highest quality materials: anodized aluminum, marine stainless steel, HPL and thick plexiglass resistant to weather conditions. The emphasis is on quality and durability, so Movidos does not use molded plastics that wear out quickly. Normal cleaning and the possible replacement of spare parts are designed to be simple and immediate. Lighting systems are designed for outdoor use and are easy to maintain.

Customers are professionals who obviously pay attention to aesthetics, but expect solidity, practicality and functionality. Movidos implements complete solutions for them every day, also with machines, installations and systems on request.

Movidos is a dynamic team, constantly looking for new goals, ready to develop any idea to improve and expand its offer, offering personalized advice and finding the best solution for those who rely on our company.

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