Inspired by Konstantin Slawinski

Konstantin Sławinski is a German company that creates designer home items - especially furniture and kitchen accessories - with great personalities focused on emotions and fun. Konstantin Sławiński was created to sell machines and steel structures, especially for the boiler segment. In 2000, combining experience in the steel industry with a highly competitive industrial structure, the company decided to expand production by creating its own design department. Initial creations were developed in the company's industrial department; the first collection of steel bowls inaugurated a new direction of the company's development. Since 2004, Konstantin Sławiński has decided to outsource his interior design collections to optimize costs and production.

Konstantin Sławiński's furniture and accessories Konstantin Sławiński's journey to the interior design sector began in 2000 with the fourth generation of the family - the company being run. The brand offers original and vivid products, with a taste for the gift industry. The living area is complemented by coffee tables, shelves, entrance furniture and shelves, combined with a minimalist design and never overloaded with excessive aesthetic formalism. Among the kitchen products, there are several variants of the original coasters and some notable steel outdoor grills / dogs. Among the furniture accessories, Konstantin Sławiński produces hangers for clothes, stands for magazines and storage containers. Other additions and accessories for the home include Mirror Box and EL Mirror, characterized by a distinctly modern and versatile design, suitable for a variety of contexts. The original aluminum candlestick EINS ... ZWEI ... DREI ... VIER is a seemingly banal but attractively designed article where an oak candlestick slides into an aluminum box, gradually revealing more candlesticks, from one to four. Complements that are also suitable for use in the office and home are the EL Document Holder, the Steel Shuffle Box and the Desktop Box. Konstantin Sławiński also brings his originality and imagination to the construction industry with elegant fire extinguisher cabinets and a first aid kit.

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