Inspired by Living Ceramics

Living Ceramics is born out of the desire to offer unique ceramic solutions to the world of interior design and architecture, bringing life and inspiration to our homes and public spaces. Innovation and design are fundamental pillars of our everyday life, reflected in all areas of our organization, reflected in the values that give meaning to our team: people (attitude towards creativity, personal and professional development), quality (seeking excellence), teamwork (cultivating collective talents) ), innovation in all areas of our organization and passion for our work, our profession.


At Living, we are guided by the desire to create comprehensive ceramic solutions for the arrangement interior and architecture. Cladding - on the floors, walls, countertops, stairs ... - is the skin of our home and we believe that it should be cared for and respected.

We care about materials such as ceramics, which facilitate the acquisition of original and practical raw materials. Our overriding goal is customer satisfaction and this is what we focus on professionalism and diligence in our work. We strive to create products that meet today's requirements, tailored to the needs of users and in line with new trends.

As customer satisfaction is our number one goal, we work to offer practical and simple solutions that meet your needs. One of our special points is that we create our own fragrance so that our customers will recognize and remember us first. It is an unforgettable fragrance with personality and style.


At Living, we started the project of creating our own intelligent manufacturing center to underline our commitment to the highest quality and unparalleled customer service. We understand that our parts must be unique and irreplaceable, so we invested in the most advanced production systems available and unheard of in the industry.

Looking to the future, we wanted to design a smart material, product without limitations and restrictions for the most demanding architecture , able to adapt to the most specific projects.

The specific format of these elements, up to 120x270cm and 90x270cm, allows you to cover the space from floor to ceiling in one piece, creating an infinity effect for the eye.

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