Inspired by Giorgetti

Efficient and patient hands of craftsmen shape the wood piece by piece at their work stations; there is a sweet smell of the raw material in the air, reminiscent of old carpentry workshops. Such an atmosphere can be found in the factories of Giorgetti, a company founded in 1898 in Meda, Brianza, as an artisanal woodworking laboratory. The collaboration with designers, which started at the end of the 1980s, gave Giorgetti a chance to create functional, contemporary pieces with a unique style, integrating the highest craftsmanship with many years of carpentry tradition, using sophisticated tooling machines and the latest product technologies. All this results in collections of chairs / armchairs, tables, shelves, furniture, beds and accessories designed by some of the most renowned design designers, from Carlo Colombo to Massimo Scolari, from Roberto Lazzeroni to the Ludovica e Roberto Palomba duo, from Adam D Tihany to Setsu and Shinobu Ito, just to name a few.
Giorgetti, high-quality solid wood furniture The innovative machines used in the production of the Giorgetti collection allow the wood to be shaped respecting its character and guarantee absolute precision in detail. Add to that the irreplaceable work of artisans and you will get Giorgetti products that have the charm of unique handcrafted elements. The careful search and proper maintenance of raw materials, especially solid woods such as maple, ebony, beech, walnut and exotic pau ferro, have always been synonymous with quality for Giorgetti. Once it arrives at the company, the wood, selected by quality and origin, is placed in drying kilns so that it reaches the optimal state for processing and durability over time.
With remarkable skill and artistic sensitivity, the wood is processed and brought to life by Giorgetti's skilled and experienced craftsmen who combine them with other high-quality materials such as stone, glass, leather and metal. Contemporary matches that do not contradict the company's origins and also praise the beauty and purity of wood. The versatility of wood, thanks to its solidity and lightness, durability and flexibility, allows designers to create functional, comfortable and timeless furniture. These facilities are appreciated around the world for the style and quality that characterize the company's international calling. Giorgetti already exported semi-finished products to the United States in the 1920s, and since the 1960s, he has been exporting his collections all over the world. From design to production, Giorgetti is proud that his creative and production processes are purely Italian, so they can use the "Made and made in Italy" brand. A choice that allows you to control the entire production process respecting the environment and guarantees the creation of durable furniture.
Giorgetti studios around the world The success of this project prompted the company to plan the Giorgetti Ateliers series in the most influential cities of the international furniture market. Following the opening in Milan in 2011, Ateliers in Antwerp, Jakarta, Mumbai, Rome and Singapore were launched. These exhibition spaces are housed in beautiful buildings, embedded in trendy urban environments or on the most prestigious shopping streets. In addition, Giorgetti invented each Atelier as an original and individual project, choosing as partners some of the most important local stores or distributors of design brands. The Atelier concept together with numerous shop-in-shop spaces and Giorgetti's presence in international multibrand environments allow the company to define wide distribution to reach the brand and made in Italy enthusiasts around the world, consolidate the strategic position of monobrand stores in Beijing, Boston, Cologne, Foshan, Canton, Ho Chi Minh, Houston, Johannesburg, Kiev, London, Milan, Mexico, Moscow, Nanjing, New Delhi, Paris. From national to large scale, Giorgetti also offers a contract service whose main goal is to provide customers with comfortable, elegant and original solutions. These are ad hoc projects that can give character and a strong sense of design to hotels, restaurants and exhibition spaces. In June 2018, Giorgetti consolidated its growth strategy in this area with the acquisition of 100% of Battaglia, a specialist design company for luxury hotels, fashion and superyachts. Giorgetti and Battaglia, sharing the common values of excellent craftsmanship and Made in Italy creativity, are preparing to become an international benchmark for the definition of great interior design.
Design GiorgettiStyle Giorgetti is characterized by exclusivity and unusual uniqueness, with items capable of creating a comprehensive arrangement interior, created thanks to the craftsmanship of 4.0. Each work contributes to the definition of space, becoming part of a complex, harmonious and unusual whole. Giorgetti is working more and more on expressive and complete 360 ° architectural designs, from the kitchen, the heart of every home, to the outdoor collection, not forgetting the Atmosphere objects that complement any interior. Giorgetti therefore becomes a partner in interior and mood design. Giorgetti's excellence can be seen in his ability to combine iconic elements such as the Spring office chair, of course with springs, designed by Massimo Scolari in 1992, and the Progetti line of chairs designed by the Giorgetti Research Center in 1987, with contemporary elements such as those presented at the last fair Salone del Mobile in Milan. Among them, the residential area of Carlo Colombo and elements characterized by the liquid mark of Roberto Lazzeroni.
Today Giorgetti is part of the Progressio SGR private equity fund, which aims to increase and strengthen its presence in foreign markets, respecting the tradition and values that have made this company's perfection of Italian design.

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