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Talin has been on the market since 1955, designing and producing chairs, tables as well as office and social accessories with a full production cycle. The office chairs department specializes in work, administration and conference chairs and armchairs. The community department focuses on chairs, tables and accessories for waiting rooms, classes, meetings, and classrooms with a particular focus on hospitals, hotels, airports, ports, schools, universities, restaurants, cafes, reading rooms, congresses and households. The Talin factory is expanded to an area of 20,000 square meters, of which 13,000 are covered. Utilizing materials and production technologies with a lower environmental impact, Talin is a socially responsible company with recognized awards from governments, schools, associations, customers and suppliers. The obtained certificates and awards prove our true commitment and confirm a transparent and credible production process, ethically integrated with fair competition and truly sustainable development. Then these thoughts take shape and turn into ideas. In the end, ideas are concentrated and leave room for a real business idea. Day by day, this idea becomes a belief that makes a young man more and more prone to the head with the desire to win and achieve something exceptional. Founded in 1955 by Francesco Tallin as a manufacturer of metal components for chairs and kitchen tables, Talin has experienced a long period of expansion and success over the past sixty years. Then, over the course of seventy years, Talin purchased the land and expanded the buildings of its present Cornedo production center. Talin is now a specialized manufacturer of office and government seats.

Research and Innovation Talin's Research and Development Center researches and develops new models and makes decisions on how to improve current components. At the prototyping stage, the department also deals with the production process in order to test the lubricity, possible production difficulties and industrialization times. The Talin production system works with the MRP software system, which has been specially developed for the company's needs. Tallin's planning department. it can control all stages of production, thanks to which it is able to accept even very urgent orders every day, in line with the current market situation. Talin Spa products are characterized by high quality and exclusive design, with particular emphasis on work ergonomics , which made it possible to obtain models compliant with applicable European standards and regulations as well as safety system regulations. The Talin production system works with the MRP software system, which has been specially developed for the company's needs. The flexibility of the production process enables short delivery times for both large and small quantities. Our factory works in a warehouse of raw materials, while production (painting, gluing and assembly departments) carries out "just in time" elements. Talin's planning department constantly controls all stages of the production process, thanks to which our system can also accept urgent orders, which are currently required by the market, on a daily basis. Attention to detail, the production technique of internal personnel, the supply chain and the selection of materials at the highest level of quality / workmanship give our products a unique identity.

Quality For Talin, customer satisfaction is a constant choice that involves all departments of the company. This constant makes it possible to identify "internal" customers, represented by operators at different stages of their work. Each operator is involved in the production process, bearing in mind that quality also depends on his activities. The products are designed according to European standards and proof of resistance is also provided according to current European and Italian legal requirements.

Communication Communication and image play an increasingly important role in the world in spreading the reality of Talin. Modern telecommunications technologies, such as the Internet, also allow for easier and more direct communication with the world. Just go to your website: to contact Talin trade directly. While doing business, Talin paid special attention to clear and transparent communication, participation in national and international exhibitions, which give our clients the opportunity to build long-term partnerships, are now an inherent advantage of the company.

Sustainable development Talin's commitment in the production of durable goods, pay particular attention to the social and environmental impact of production processes and the sourcing of raw materials. In the production of its products, Talin uses non-toxic materials as well as recycled and recycled wood from sustainable and programmed forest management. Our product cycles are calculated to minimize energy consumption (although it is produced by the company itself), emissions to air at the lowest possible parameters and a constant concern for saving water, resulting in good results in terms of economic benefits and consumption. Great importance is attached to the use of recyclable packaging. Most of our products are designed with their life cycle in mind, and we are looking for the easiest way to recycle components that can be recycled at the end of the product's life. Talin is UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004 certified.

Made in Italy Our choice that defends quality, design and tradition. Talin believes that production with the Made in label is considered as such if fully implemented in the country where you work.

In support of this, relevant Italian news outlets are fully involved in disseminating often opposing views, including in domestic politics and the lobby of various associations. Talin has always chosen to produce in Italy everything that needs to support its products, only a few available non-Italian components are purchased in the European Community from reputable companies that manufacture in Europe (eg B. Gas springs for seat adjustment). For this reason, Talin has created the slogan : " TALINE RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION COMPLETELY MADE IN ITALY" to offer its customers "originality, creativity, design and quality that distinguish an original product made in Italy.

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