Inspired by Treviso Made

Treviso Made is a "creative" contractor and furniture manufacturer that designs and creates interiors and furniture solutions without the limits of your imagination. The company can manage the entire workflow from product design to project execution, offering a turnkey solution.

The network environment Treviso Made was established in 2014 as a network of professionals to promote Treviso manufacturing expertise worldwide, global approach - international distribution combined with strong local knowledge.

The company quickly became a contractor providing solutions for the museum, commercial, hotel and residential segments, and their work is distinguished by the ability to implement ambitious projects.
Architronica The desire to be "creative" and competent in the implementation of "out of the box" projects prompted the company to combine mechatronics with architecture or interior design.

This is how the "Architronica" department was born, which develops dynamic products and solutions that break the schemas of architecture and combine competence and industrial precision with flexibility in craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Products It is called E.Wall, a modular interactive panel designed to create dynamic stage walls - "movable walls". E. Wall is the first in a series of products intended for contract use and even suitable for home interiors. Treviso Made products are multifunctional and flexible, changing form and function based on a new way of life in the flexible, dynamic and connected spaces of the digital society.

Originality - Professionalism - Reliability

" Creativity "," Flexibility "," Professionalism "are the keywords of Treviso Made that define its ability to respond to customer requests for personalization and delivering products and solutions out of the box.

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