Inspired by Firmamento Milano

In an era of roaring noise, special effects, blatant commercialism and pretentiousness, Firmamento Milano means the opposite. Restrained and discreet, our range has a strong point of view and a strong personality. This approach expresses itself as a constant search for quality in our projects and products and in the relationship between artisans and industry, between our associates and our external partners, consultants, architects, suppliers, agents, distributors and end users.

Foundations of the company
Active for over 50 years in the business world and for over 35 years in design, both in distribution and production, I have decided to start this new company. Well, it can be considered a startup of a 70-year-old man / person.
Important past experiences in various areas, especially distribution (Morassutti / Metropolis) and production (FontanaArte), always in the dual role of entrepreneur and president, constitute the foundations on which this new challenge is based.
Values ​​such as respect for others, for employees, for suppliers, for competitors, for colleagues, for customers and for the public have been and will always be a constant benchmark in our business. These are the same values ​​that over the years prompted me to care for many associations always with the intention / purpose that the global interests of the entrepreneur can and must be defended / protected / supported. My personal
past experiences, all related to this intense goal, are as follows: from the Assoluce Bureau to Cosmit
(Salone del Mobile) to Indicam to defend intellectual property rights and fight counterfeiting, to
Altagamma, of which I was the founder and founder, and for many years the vice president. Also in Firmamento Milano, the values ​​cited are indispensable values, everyone who is called upon to cooperate must share them.
After a few years of absence, I return to the world of industrial design with the goal of creating a catalog with a collection of products that they can be a proposal that is strongly independent of what the market is apparently asking for. A collection inspired by a deeply rooted design culture. I am deeply convinced that doing marketing is also second to success. Innovation means being first, sometimes even risking being too "ahead".
I firmly believe that this is the only way to be successful without market conditioning.
My wife Giulia's support Savini's help who also deals with other business activities and my friend Maurizio Magnoni , good to him, much younger than me, with whom I shared many years of business experience, managing all production and logistics. enterprise.

Their philosophy
Now more than ever, Milan is at the center of attention. Always the capital of a powerful industrial and commercial network, today it is recognized worldwide as an important center of culture, art, creativity and innovation - in other words, knowledge. In Milan, knowledge means being able to learn, study, search, experiment, take action, change and risk. Our city's culture means that we never stop and never accept the obvious. On the contrary, we are looking everywhere for new solutions for living in beauty and striving for wealth as a way of life and allowing us to live with generosity of spirit. These values ​​make it easy to see why Milan embraced so many start-ups and experiments in architecture, design and fashion. That is why we wanted the name Milan to appear in the name of our company, reflecting our city and its values ​​in which we believe so strongly. We also wanted our name to include Firmamento, i.e. the firmament above us, the sky sparkling with ideas. Dreams. Values. Architects. Projects. Beauty.
Too ambitious? Perhaps. But not stupid. Thanks to the support of prestigious architectural companies cooperating with us, as well as an excellent group of small and medium-sized companies in our region, operating in various market sectors, we will achieve success.

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