Inspired by Fral

With more than 25 years of history, Fral is today the world's leading industrial company in the field of drying and dehumidification. Fral dehumidifiers and their industrial applications are the highest expression of Italian talent and design and functional technology, the result of experience and creativity.

Elegant design and versatility of models, functional mechanics and electronics of machines, silence and efficiency even at low temperatures, resistance to moisture and low energy consumption are the main features of all products.

A dehumidifier is a machine that removes moisture from rooms

This humidity comes from the sources described below: Relative humidity, i.e. The humidity present in the room is represented by the equilibrium of humidity entering the room (see below), with the relative humidity present in the room and caused by the humidity removed from the dehumidifier may or may not be related, which is instead always related to the relative temperature and humidity in the room.

In its basic concept, the dehumidifier is simply a monoblo air conditioner in which the air in the room is cooled and dehumidified (reduces the specific humidity but increases the relative humidity) after passing through the condenser (cold spiral battery), and then passes through the condenser (warm spiral battery), where it is heated and thus significantly reduces relative humidity.

In practice, equilibrium conditions (relative humidity) are those achieved when the humidity entering the room is equal to the humidity that the machine can remove.

resists on the physical principle whereby air in contact with a cooled surface moistens the surface, covering it with moisture in the form of condensed droplets. What really happens is that the chiller keeps the coil cool, through which incoming air passes, which is thus cooled and dehumidified. Then the air, passing through the warm heat exchanger, heats up and returns to the room dehumidified and with a slightly higher temperature.

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