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FontanaArte was born in Milan in 1932 as a result of the meeting between architect Gio Ponti and glassmaker Luigi Fontana. The brand produces indoor and outdoor lamps with a unique and timeless personality, concepts that become light and which, over time, become true icons born of the exploration of Italian modernity. Among the ideas that the company represents, innovation is seen as derived from the innovative, yet archaic use of glass and metal, two groundbreaking materials to create objects that are not only beautiful, but also timeless and extraordinary. During almost a hundred years of operation, the brand has been awarded many times. Among them, the Compasso d 'Oro Award for Career in 1998, for creating a thriving environment through collaboration with several designers.

FontanaArte, designer lamps that become icons In just ten years, FontanaArte has created objects that have become true icons that can rethink lighting design and remain relevant over time. An example is the Luminator, an indirect light floor lamp with a dimmer and a nickel-plated brass frame. It was one of the first projects signed by Pietro Chiesa, the owner of a craft workshop dealing with artistic glass processing. The thin metal shaft of the Luminator opens into a cone that houses the light source; the lamp is characterized by almost abstract rigor and purity.
Fontana, designed by master glazier and decorator Max Ingrad, is a halogen table lamp made of blown glass, manufactured in 1954. a product still in this day and age that represents the abat-jour par excellence. The peculiarity of Fontana is the many lighting options, as both the base and the lampshade contain one or more light sources. The larger version also allows indirect lighting as another light source projects the light beam upwards. Diverse light sources allow you to meet more lighting needs and go from a weaker and relaxing glow to a harsher reading light or caller and mood light. This is a valuable lamp made of blown satin white or completely black glass. Another unmatched icon in the FontanaArte catalog is Pirellone, a floor lamp with dimmer and dual lighting system, diffused and indirect, created in 1967 by Gio Ponti. With a satin nickel plated brass structure and a printed and curved glass diffuser, Pirellone is a classic evergreen in a light design. Simple construction, achieved thanks to the use of particularly impact-resistant glass. The list of FontanaArte icons is completed by Giova, which dates back to 1964, a hybrid between a pot and a lamp that marks Gae Aulenti's debut in the world of designer lighting. The vase-table lamp has a chrome-plated metal base and a central clear blown glass ball. The Giova is available in two sizes and is a true light source with a flower vase on it.

FontanaArte lighting: pendant, ceiling, wall, floor and table lamps FontanaArte offers countless solutions to satisfy the needs of different people of styles, not forgetting the elegance of the timeless design that is evident in suspended, ceiling, wall, floor and table lamps. Regina and Re are diffused light chess inspired table lamps with a painted metal structure and a blown glass diffuser. Their soft and curvy shapes represent the main figures of chess, whose profiles stand out impressively against the background of white, diffused light emitted by the milky glass. They can be placed next to each other or summon each other if they are placed in two different places in the same room, and even be placed independently of each other. The Setareh collection is a group of luminaires designed for FontanaArte by Francesco Librizzi. All elements from the Serateh line come to life from the idea of giving form to light. The lamp, composed of a white satin glass ball, is actually born and suspended in a thin metal structure. This composition plays with materials, colors, masses and circular trajectories, giving life to a balanced design of gravitational dynamics. The Optunia collection offers wall, floor, pendant and table lamps. Its functionality is the ability to rotate 360 ° of the two large disks that make up its head, which allows you to create an incredible number of light combinations. The lower disk rotates around an axis while the upper disk does the same around other axes perpendicular to the previous one. This double movement enables Optunii to use the wall or ceiling to cast diffused light.

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