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Ligne Roset was founded in France in 1860. Today, the company prides itself on being the only dealer, manufacturer and distributor of luxury French furniture, with two hundred one-brand stores and numerous retail stores around the world. Collections of furniture and accessories, lighting systems, carpets and fabrics are distinguished by sophisticated, rigorous, bold and often ironic shapes and patterns. Ligne Roset develops its recognizable style by working with established and emerging designers. The brand promotes a holistic approach to sustainability in furniture design, employee well-being and the use of environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Togo sofa and other Ligne Roset icons Designed by Michel Ducaroy, the Togo sofa takes inspiration from the shape of a rolled paste tube to the teeth and resembles an infant with shar-pei dog wrinkles. First unveiled at the Salon des Arts at the Palais de la Défense in Paris, the Togo sofa won the René-Gabriel award for "innovative and democratic furniture" offering good value for money. It is a light, comfortable and easy to carry part - still considered the Ligne Roset sofa par excellence. After more than fifty years and more than one million units sold in seventy-two countries, this disordered icon represents a contemporary and informal lifestyle; is a hymn to relaxation, renewed every year with new covers and reinterpretations, also in the version for children. In 2020, Togo became a complete collection of polyurethane foam seats, with armchairs and two-seater sofas, reinterpreting the Ducaroy design with a new manufacturing process using recycled, recyclable, non-toxic and low-emission materials.
Pumpkin Armchair is another a copy of the Ligne Roset, which deserves an honorable place among the most representative items of the brand. Designed by Pierre Paulin in 1971 for the private apartments of Claude and Georges Pompidou, it was put into production in 2008.

Ligne Roset: history and designers Ligne Roset's history is the story of a small company that has become become an international company while remaining a family business. It was founded in Montagnieu in the French province of Ain by Antoine Roset and his son Emile, who had a small carpentry workshop for the production of walking sticks, umbrellas and chair frames. Jean Roset, Antoine's nephew, played a key role in the development of the company. After the war, in 1950, he started producing tables, chairs and beds for schools, universities, hospitals and retirement homes. Ten years later, with the explosion of creativity in the late 1960s, housing lines came to life. Ligne Roset became what it is today in 1973 when production moved to Briors (where it is still located); the Ligne Roset brand was official and the Togo sofa by Michel Ducaroy was presented to the world.
In addition to the already mentioned French designers Michel Ducaroy and Pierre Paulin, the company's collaboration includes award-winning names such as Didier Gomez, Pascal Mourgue, Peter Maly, Inga Sempé, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, LucidiPevere, Pierre Charpin and Philippe Nigro. Numerous newbies join them. "Working with young people is in our DNA," Marketing Director Antoine Roset said in a recent interview. "Especially new designers who are at the beginning of their careers. We believe in their spontaneous approach to design and appreciate their fresh creativity. Every year we work with almost ten new designers on the basis of one contract or a five-year commitment."

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