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External lighting

Outdoor home or business lighting allows you to make the places where we often stay safe, comfortable and aesthetic. Outdoor wall lamps, facade lighting or inrun luminaires allow free movement around the building and avoiding possible obstacles and hazards caused by insufficient light. Garden lighting, such as solar lamps, LED lamps for the garden or various types of lanterns and outdoor luminaires, allow us to enjoy the charms of home oases even after dark. Unique garden lamps with a designer and modern look, LED pots and decorative LED-illuminated furniture are also an additional decoration, able to transform the garden into a cozy asylum or an effective play space during a garden party or banquet.

Our unique collection consists of modern outdoor lamps from recognized manufacturers. It is both solar outdoor lighting and LED outdoor lighting, because we focus on the most practical and functional solutions, new technologies and care for the environment.

All our outdoor ceilings, garden posts, garden wall lamps and overhead lamps are top-class products. They are distinguished by excellent workmanship, durability and, of course, extraordinary appearance. Fans of original design will surely appreciate the arrangement possibilities offered by modern LED furniture from our collection, light balls for the garden, LED cubes, glowing squares or fashionable illuminated pots. Our outdoor luminaires are also efficient and modern lamps with an increased protection class (IP), so that they can serve you without any problems, regardless of weather conditions. Get inspired and fill your home asylum with light.


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