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Facade lighting

Outdoor floodlights are intentionally designed to illuminate a facade and give value to specific points by making them visible through well-directed light beams. Thanks to the latest generation of outdoor floodlights, which offer an extremely sophisticated design, the floodlights do not look bulky and contribute to the aesthetic effect of garden furniture in a discreet and extremely versatile way. This type of product lends itself to continuous stylistic and formal experimentation aimed at facilitating the integration of several existing models into multiple contexts. A large number of outdoor floodlights are characterized by a high degree of IP protection, making them ideal for outdoor use and are resistant to weather conditions.

Lighting effects on surfaces thanks to adjustable outdoor floodlights

Spotlights exterior allows you to add value to exterior spaces, especially to create accent lighting or colored luminous scenery on building facades. Developing such lighting effects with RGB outdoor spotlights allows you to enrich your outdoor space and constantly choose different places for amplification thanks to adjustable outdoor spotlights. There are many different outdoor spotlights. The choice depends on the characteristics of the space, its dimensions and varied lighting requirements. Ultimately, you need to carefully evaluate the design of the spotlight to match the style of your outdoor furniture.

Outdoor LED spotlights, wall washers, RGB and much more

Outdoor spotlights emit accent light that gives meaning to some parts area or specific objects. They generally consist of an internal reflector, a light bulb, and a protective glass. Depending on the model, the floodlights can integrate a halogen lamp (external halogen floodlight) or an LED lamp, as in the case of LED outdoor floodlights. Available in various typologies, the outdoor floodlights can be square, rounded or elliptical. Some models are equipped with a motion sensor that activates the lamp when a person passes; others are equipped with an RGB system for displaying scenography and colorful shapes. Wall washers are a special type of floodlights. Symmetrical light distribution sprinklers are typically used for background lighting, while asymmetric light distribution sprinklers are ideal for projecting uniform light onto a surface.

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