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Wall lamps

Light is at the heart of the furnishing design, and choosing the right lamp is an opportunity to express your own taste, personality and creativity. As a design element that enriches the surroundings and an addition to furniture and style, wall lamps are the perfect choice to introduce a note of exclusivity and extravagance to any furnishing style. Most designers develop motivated lamp models to show the high value that this element carries out in the field of interior design as a versatile element that can convey messages that would not otherwise be communicated through other pieces of equipment. That is why the choice of a wall lamp is so important as it has the ability to characterize the environment in which it is placed.

Wall lamps for stylish furnishings

Wall lamps are real pieces of equipment that can give a unique and sophisticated style. Wall lamps can be the absolute protagonist of room lighting or they can complement the existing light in combination with chandeliers or floor lamps. Wall lamps are an additional light source that perfectly integrates with the space. There are many styles, shapes and colors to suit individual needs. Thanks to wall lamps, your walls will never look empty and anonymous again. Rather, they will make a statement. Due to the fact that the wall lamps are both a lighting and a decorative element, there are many different models on the market. They vary in style, design, but also in connection, socket and bulbs to which they fit. This diversity ensures that there is an ideal solution for any setting that reflects the furnishing style and space needs. For example, wall scarers cast an enchanting light effect and perfectly illuminate an entrance or corridor with indirect and diffused light. If you prefer adjustable light, wall lamps with a tilting arm allow you to illuminate different corners of the room by turning the lamp body, the perfect solution for lighting a reading corner in the living room or a bedside table in a bedroom. However, wall lamps are also great for use as accent lighting to precisely define the characteristics or parts of the wall in the spotlight. This is the case, for example, with picture lamps that are intentionally installed to illuminate a picture, or with bathroom wall lamps which are usually placed on or above one side of the mirror.

Wall lamps: materials and light source

The material is decisive when choosing a wall lamp. From environmentally friendly materials to feel more in touch with and respect nature, to the most valuable ones; from natural to high-tech; from the latest trends to a more classic style. Frosted or satin glass wall lamps are the most popular. Metal wall lamps are usually made of a complex sheet metal construction that shapes minimalist and ultra-modern elements. Due to the type of lighting, halogen wall lamps emit light that is very similar to natural light, warmer and more intense. For their part, LED wall lights provide a significant energy saving and high-quality chromatic effects. This is important when we want to reproduce more natural and faithful nuances. Wall lamps are also available in various colors, including black and white chrome or gold. There are also metal sconces with a re-used look that fit perfectly into a vintage or industrial style. So you can choose the type of lighting that best suits your target space, from indirect light to direct, halogen or energy-saving light. In the case of a lamp, it is important that it reflects the taste and style of the person who buys it.

Wall lamps: from wall lamps to modern design

Traditionally, this type of lamp is associated with wall lamps, original models that can reverse the look of the room and create an atmosphere that evokes the atmosphere. Wall lamps are becoming part of the living room equipment and include solutions from classic to modern. The fusion of materials and luminaires allows for the selection of wall lamps that, thanks to their versatile design, will suit various contexts. So you can choose from classic wall lamps or modern lighting systems, inspired by a rural or urban context, evoking the past or with a postmodern soul, with inlays and various shapes. They can be used to accentuate a certain texture on the wallpaper, or they can be a high-quality alternative to the table lamp for bedside tables if installed on the headboard, and therefore also great as a reading lamp.

Wall lights: a light installation that meets all your needs

Wall lamps can turn into full-fledged lighting installations that will be able to decorate the interior. The design of contemporary wall lamps opens up to a realm of sophisticated lamps, consisting of individual flexible components that create a play of light, shadows, light and visual effects. Fascinating games of light are also drawn on the wall with the help of jewelry lamps, wall lamps enriched with precious copper, gold or brass finishes. Internally inspired by the shapes and details of real gems, they give the room a shining elegance. The light thrown by the wall lamp will always be with you. It will welcome your friends and decide on the quality of the time spent at home. It will be the same light that will greet you in the morning and take you to bed in the evening. It can be a unique, distinctive element in a single space or a repeating element that we find in many rooms of our home. Due to the size and type of materials used, there is a wide range of wall lamp models to choose from. There are two most important aspects: personal taste and the style of home furnishing. Whether it is mounted on the floor, wall or ceiling, lighting should not be underestimated. Rather, it should be well planned and thought out. Wall lamps can actually play the role of a hero or blend seamlessly into the wall.


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