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Segment shelf mounted to the wall Lepan

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Inspired by Porro Load-It (not replica Porro Load-It)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

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Designed by Wolfgang Tolek in 1995 and featuring projecting shelves that cut through the space, the Load-it shelving system is a Porro classic that has retained its iconic value over the years, gradually gaining new features and design options. Originally designed as an all-white bookshelf that disappears into the wall, creating the effect of a series of books suspended in mid-air, it has changed its appearance over the years, adding new materials and finishes, without losing the recognition and expressive power of a design that is both simple and crucial.
Designing spaces with clear and elegant signs that are defined by the rigor of the lines, the value of the finishes and the quality of the design: the Load-it shelf with steel shelves and wall panels in natural or black stained canneté, combining horizontal stripes with vertical ones, creates on the wall a full-fledged boiserie system, a textured image that can reach up to the floor, covering the space with a second functional coating.
Perfect for creating equipped walls and boiserie, over time, thanks to the combination with Modern cabinets, it has acquired new functions: solutions for working in home and TV compositions, which further expand the range of possible compositions and applications of this elegant shelving system, enhancing creativity and meeting the functional needs of the living area.


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Segment shelf mounted to the wall Lepan

Segment shelf mounted to the wall Lepan

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