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Modular system of shelves/wall cabinets Fircrest

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Inspired by Movisi U-Cube (not replica Movisi U-Cube)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: Movisi U-Cube

Product description

U-CUBE is a modular furniture system that allows users unlimited configurations and the ability to easily modify the interior depending on changing needs.
You can freely expand your configuration in all directions and change it at any time.
Folding Composed of a single U-shaped piece with modular joints, this unique Parisian design allows you to construct and transform different shapes and sizes to create the perfect interior. Whether you need wall/stackable shelving, partitions or seating, U-CUBE can be connected to accommodate everyone.
Extremely lightweight, easy to assemble and highly configurable, you can give your home a or a new look for your office or in just a few minutes. No tools are needed.
U-CUBE can be used in endless configurations. Here are some ways to use U-CUBE:
- wall-mounted shelves
- modular rack and shelves
- storage of vinyl records (up to 120 vinyl records in one cube)
- seats
- room divider
- low table, desk or countertop
Sustainable and friendly for your home or office:
U-CUBE includes a lightweight, multi-functional, organic design language pioneered by Movisi, using only one material to produce the product: ARPRO EPP, a 100% recyclable plastic foam that is toxic-free, emission-free and extremely lightweight.
Modular and multi-functional: U-CUBE units are connected via modular connectors - this item allows you to transform and connect multiple U-CUBE units to create a range of stylish and creative designs to suit your requirements.
From single depth (191 mm, ideal for books, CDs, DVDs and artifacts) for double or multiple depth (2 or more units back to back, ideal for larger books, vinyl records or as a seating area or bench).
Manufactured in Germany and designed in Paris by Marine Peyre in collaboration with Trickform.


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Modular system of shelves/wall cabinets Fircrest

Modular system of shelves/wall cabinets Fircrest

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