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Contemporary style bookcase Brujas

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Inspired by Youmeand LOK (not replica Youmeand LOK)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Product description

The exact method of operation of the "LOK" system came to the designer's mind in a dream and was sketched in the early morning hours. He completed the first prototype within a few days. It worked perfectly the first time (still does), he got excited and did another one, and then several more. There is no need for screws, pins or cams and there is no way it could fail as each piece is separate while adding to the strength of the whole. Make it easier - make it fun - make it last - make it "LOK"...
Material: natural ash / wengè-dyed ash
Available colors: natural ash and wenge-dyed ash, wengè-dyed ash .

Technical data

4 x 2: L 176.5 x W 35 x H 110 cm - 64 kg
3 x 2: L 138 x W 35 x H 110 cm - 48 kg
2 x 4: L 99.5 x W 35 x H 187 cm - 64 kg
2 x 3: L 99.5 x W 35 x H 148.5 cm - 48 kg


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Contemporary style bookcase Brujas

Contemporary style bookcase Brujas

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