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Modular shelf with wood fiber partition Ryton

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Inspired by MDF Italia Random 2C-3C (not replica MDF Italia Random 2C-3C)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: MDF Italia Random

Product description

The iconic Random shelf has been renovated and the product range has been enriched with new modules and colors. The two-dimensional variants, called 2C and 3C, make Random flexible and adaptable to any space in the home and to different market requirements. New elements can express a unique style even if they are small, and they are perfect for small spaces or dedicated niches. Also in combination with the Random module, they renew the modularity of the collection, creating new, diverse configurations. Adding colors to the classic matte white made it possible to create different accents and bring new value to the distinctive shape of the product.

Technical data

Random 3C (3 bays): height 217, length 46.4 cm, depth 25 cm
Random 2C (2 bays): height 217, length 35.8 cm, depth 25 cm


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Modular shelf with wood fiber partition Ryton

Modular shelf with wood fiber partition Ryton

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