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Aluminum and wood storage cabinet Barling

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Inspired by Mr.Frangi Small Cabinets Sc/M1-04 (not replica Mr.Frangi Small Cabinets Sc/M1-04)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: Mr.Frangi Small Cabinets Sc/M1
Original code: SC/M1-04

Product description

SC/M1-04 small cabinets are storage shelves made of aluminum and wood. Made of a 36x36 cm module. Small cabinets are available in 75 models, based on five modules with different dimensions (Module M01: 36 × 36 cm - Module M02: 36 × 53 cm - Module M03: 53 × 36 cm - Module M04: 53 × 53 cm - M05 Module: 70×36 cm) and in two versions (open or with a door). Numerous compositions allow for a wide range of functions and applications.
In the living room, they can be used as bookshelves, sideboards or showcases for presenting souvenirs and collectibles. In the dining room, they are ideal for storing dishes, glassware, tablecloths and tablecloths. Finally, they are perfect for keeping at hand the small things you need when entering or leaving the house.
They fit your lifestyle, whether you are a collector, traveler, design lover or bookworm.
Screwless connectors are the focus of the design. A striking black frame surrounds delicate yet strong wooden panels.
If you want to take small cabinets home with you, you need to know this.
The anodized brushed aluminum frame measures 20 x 20 mm and has an opaque black finish. Anodizing allows the metal to maintain its appearance and texture, maintaining its properties over time and protecting it from oxidation and corrosion. The black color is achieved by introducing a small amount of pigment into the pores of the metal itself, so as not to impair the high recyclability of aluminum. The legs, inspired by the industrial style, have a knurled finish that will be appreciated by astute observers.
The countertops and panels of the main body are made of medium density fiberboard (MDF), covered with natural FSC-certified oak veneer. The surface is varnished with a protective, water-based, transparent, matte varnish. Differences in veins, shade or color are characteristic of the natural material used and contribute to the uniqueness of each piece. Each tabletop and panel is recessed into the frame, which ensures the stability of the entire structure. The back can be left open, revealing a diagonal bar that serves both a functional and aesthetic purpose, supporting the structure and creating dynamics.


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Aluminum and wood storage cabinet Barling

Aluminum and wood storage cabinet Barling

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