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Open, free-standing sectional shelf Orotelli

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Inspired by De Rosso Dr-One (not replica De Rosso Dr-One)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: De Rosso Dr-One

Product description

DR-ONE are open Tetris-like containers that create movement. Different depths. PVC structure. Internal boards adapted to HPL digital printing. Not for outdoor use. DR-ONE is an equipment program that includes essential and modern containers. Elements to be combined with shelves, doors, drawers and deep drawers. Hanging or standing elements, with a floor base, with a base, wheels or a metal base with internal or external legs. A modular and very expressive concept (9 widths, 17 heights, 5 depths) that can also be adapted to dimensions to interpret any concept of space and environment in many projects. Everyone is different. Each personal. A wide range of colors and finishes (13 PVC colors and over 200 different HPL laminate finishes) allows for countless adjustments and combinations. Designs can be partially or fully customized using digital printing.


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Open, free-standing sectional shelf Orotelli

Open, free-standing sectional shelf Orotelli

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