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Open modular tempered glass shelf Jaujac

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Inspired by Tonelli Design Liber (not replica Tonelli Design Liber)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: Tonelli Design Liber

Product description

The Liber collection is expanding with new models with inclined sides that can be used in curvilinear or linear compositions. The new dimensions, height and width, make this shelf an ideal product to use as a room divider and to beautify the space. A new wooden shelf with hinged doors strengthens it and increases the possibilities of its use.
A shelf or display case made of transparent, very transparent or smoked glass with a mirror base and adjustable legs.
Available in two heights and two widths and in a right or left version for various composition proposals.
Wooden storage cabinet in Siberian ash, eucalipto or natural oak with hinged doors and soft close, leather knob and inner shelf in very clear glass. From one shape, the Liber system becomes many versatile elements, each with its own function: a shelf with a mirror base, a chest of drawers supported by glass legs and a table that can serve as a bedside table.


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Open modular tempered glass shelf Jaujac

Open modular tempered glass shelf Jaujac

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