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Free-standing sectional shelf made of aluminum and wood Tsunta

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Inspired by Cantori Hong Kong (not replica Cantori Hong Kong)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Product description

Hong Kong is a modular self-supporting shelf. The base and side load-bearing walls are made of plywood covered with ash wood veneer. Each module can be customized with a wooden shelf that can serve as a shelf or decoration, or with container cubes with lifting doors that can be positioned as needed and make the device always unique. The structural elements are not hidden, but actually stand out and become a stylistic feature of the composition, creating a distinctive character of post-industrial design. Wood and aluminum are actively combined to ensure the continuity of the modular structure, where individual elements seamlessly become part of the whole. The Hong Kong shelf can also be used as a partition wall. A series of holes designed into the rear panel create lighting effects that accentuate and accentuate the structure.

Technical data

Shelf: 59-46-38-27 x 35 x H2 cm
Cube: 27 x 27 x H27 cm
Side: 8 x 35 x 270-H180-90 cm
Base: 556- 376-196x50 cm


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Free-standing sectional shelf made of aluminum and wood Tsunta

Free-standing sectional shelf made of aluminum and wood Tsunta

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