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Open, free-standing concrete shelf Orvinio

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Inspired by Forma&Cemento Fusto Bookshelf Ii (not replica Forma&Cemento Fusto Bookshelf Ii)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: Forma&Cemento Domestic Concrete Landscape
Original code: 2020009

Product description

Fusto is a shelf that is part of a collection of modular systems made of ultra-high-performance cement mortar. Mix-dyed and sandblasted UHPC shelves and supports. Available in eight different colors: Brick, Silver, Cream, Ink, Powder, Dark Chocolate, Fir, Ultramarine, White. Each item is hand-processed and protected with hydrophobic agents to reduce the absorption of oily substances and minimize staining. Surrealism, primitivism, metaphysics and brutalism. Art, together with architecture and design, builds a scenario of inspiration and constant references, thanks to which the material rises into an expressive language, ready to accept and transform formal suggestions of various origins.
Fusto and Betti is a series introducing a new approach to design. As in classical architecture, Fusto is a column on which there are tables, consoles, shelves and pedestals. Volumes and proportions are integrated in a timeless geometry, enriched with facets that make the color vibrate in the play of light and shadow.
Fusto is eternal architecture. Our products are easily recognizable thanks to exclusive material processing and a passionate pursuit of lightness and style.
Artisanal craftsmanship, the use of modern materials and innovative techniques, combined with production entirely "Made in Italy", further raise the prestige of Italian design.

Technical data

160x40 cm, height 105 cm


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Open, free-standing concrete shelf Orvinio

Open, free-standing concrete shelf Orvinio

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