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Open shelf made of wood and glass Andenes

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Inspired by Interna8 Vero (not replica Interna8 Vero)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: Interna8 Vero

Product description

The main character of the Vero shelf is Briccola wood, which comes from the pillars of the Venetian lagoon and is rich in aesthetic and historical values. The thick surfaces are made of extremely light, transparent glass elements: professional wood material and the transparency of water reflections create an inseparable contrast in perfect balance.
Table tops made of chipboards (40 mm - 1³⁷̷₆₄” thick) veneered with grain wood. Ultra-clear tempered glass partitions, 4 sides, glossy edge (12 mm - 0 ¹⁵̷₃₂” thick, H.300 mm - 11¹³̷₁₆”).
Bonded oak
Black cypress
Gray cypress
Natural "Briccola"
Black "Briccola"
In the "Briccola" finish, the edges and lower parts of the countertops are always available in the color of bonded oak
Any shelf can be equipped with built-in LED lighting that can be dimmed using a remote control.

Technical data

width 1800 height 420 depth 450 mm / width 70⁵⁵̷₆₄ height 16¹⁷̷₃₂ depth 17²³̷₃₂ inch
width 1800 height 760 depth 450 mm / width 70⁵⁵̷₆₄ height 2 9⁵⁹̷ ₆₄ D.17²³̷₃₂ inch
width 1800 height 1100 depth 450 mm / width 70⁵⁵̷₆₄ height 43⁵̷₁₆ depth 17²³̷₃₂ inch


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Open shelf made of wood and glass Andenes

Open shelf made of wood and glass Andenes

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