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Open shelf with MDF storage boxes Wissous

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Inspired by Agapecasa Cavalletto - cm 312 x h119 (not replica Agapecasa Cavalletto - cm 312 x h119)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: Agapecasa Cavalletto

Product description

furniture system made entirely of wood, designed and patented over fifty years ago, but still surprises us with its versatility and functionality. Its characteristic feature is the trestle in the shape of an inverted "V", which means that it can be applied using a simple gravity joint and in a special peripheral part of which bookshelves or closed containers can be placed, locking them and holding them in position using an authentic connection on a dovetail. Very popular at the time of its launch and widely published in the leading international magazines of the time, the "Cavalletto" system, which at the time featured in many designer furniture pieces, has now been brought back to life, evergreen to its very core.
Modular system of stackable vertical elements and shelves, made of birch plywood in natural finish or in natural, brown or dark oak finish, with optional storage modules. The structure and front panels of the cabinets are made of MDF and are available in white or gray. They can be equipped with a single drawer or drawers with an internal drawer, both with fully extendable runners and a push-pull opening mechanism. Storage cabinets can only be placed in the first horizontal module from the bottom, without the need for a bottom or top shelf. All Agapecasa products are designed and manufactured for internal use. They cannot be placed outdoors unless otherwise noted.


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Open shelf with MDF storage boxes Wissous

Open shelf with MDF storage boxes Wissous

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