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Open, free-standing, double-sided iron shelf Wurzbach

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Inspired by Etro Home Interiors Palmira (not replica Etro Home Interiors Palmira)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Product description

The bold and distinctive Palmira modular shelf plays with the combination of finishes of the vertical structure in dark brown and polished brass and the warmth of the Carbalho essence dyed in matte dark brown, which is characterized by the shelves, creating a dynamic ensemble.
Pertical elements in iron with a color finish dark brown. Adjustable mounting tips in polished brass.
Horizontal iron elements with a dark brown finish, in three types for individual settings, mounted with gold screws.
Removable shelves in curved multi-layer wood in dark wengé, veneered Carbalho or smoked Veneered Eucalyptus Frisé, attached to the structure using a magnetic system.


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Open, free-standing, double-sided iron shelf Wurzbach

Open, free-standing, double-sided iron shelf Wurzbach

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