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Wooden sectional shelf Gommern

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Inspired by Caccaro Roomy (not replica Caccaro Roomy)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: Caccaro Roomy

Product description

Desk module and shelf module.
You can write here. You can learn here. You can work here. It is a desk module and a shelf module. One of many compositions you can create with Roomy series modules. Freedom is a very spacious place. Capacious gives you space to make it a daily habit. This is one of the reasons why it belongs to the Freedhome system.
The Roomy series of modules has been designed to provide you with all the functionality you need for your daily activities. A mirror for a quick look at yourself before leaving, a TV for moments of entertainment, working at a desk, passion for reading or music.
Roomy modules convey their load of functionality to each composition. They can be combined with the functions of the Core series or other Freedhome System series. So you can add the Roomy module to your theme…. and have a companion with whom you can spend your days in your home.
You have the freedom to choose the module from the height, width and depth of the Roomy series. Or you prefer a custom solution that best suits the space of your home.
Opening side doors, drawer, top and bottom flap. Here are the 3 modes for opening the Roomy module. The presence of their pattern in the composition allows you to maintain the aesthetic continuity of the wall.


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Wooden sectional shelf Gommern

Wooden sectional shelf Gommern

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