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Aluminum secretary desk Fayence

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Inspired by Natevo Continuum (not replica Natevo Continuum)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: Natevo Continuum

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It can be used as a desk or worktop, perfect for a home office, studio or other professional facility. The structure is available in anodized bronze or gris sablè finish. The top is available in two wood finishes (Coffee Brown Oak or Canaletto Rialto Walnut) or a special, scratch-resistant, heat-structured finish (Style, Epoque or River). The LEDs are built into the strip which can be manually adjusted to display the desired lighting on the countertop.
The lights are controlled via an on/off switch or by Casambi, an exclusive smart lighting system that controls the lighting from your smartphone or tablet. Matteo Nunziati – an architect known around the world for his designs of luxury hotels, wellness centers, spa facilities and private homes – created spaces recognized for their beauty, elegance and exclusive style, and enthusiastically embraced the idea of designing furniture with integrated LED lights. “The products I designed were inspired by the German rationalist approach to Bauhaus, in which functionality and disciplined design are transformed into beauty and elegance. The common denominators can be identified in
straight, tight and decisive lines: a kind of geometric grid that can be rejected as shelves, tables, cabinets, armchairs, beds and wardrobes. The luminaires are installed inside the tubes: the end result is a delightful contrast between the shape of the structure and the soft wrap of indirect light.
I used traditional and refined materials: aluminum, wood, marble. The integration of light in the furniture allows you to eliminate most lighting fixtures and, consequently, expensive and complicated installations (cable rails, electrical connections, masonry work on the ceiling or walls). Natevo furniture can be moved to a selected place and the plug can be inserted into the socket, achieving extraordinary aesthetic and technological effects.


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Aluminum secretary desk Fayence

Aluminum secretary desk Fayence

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