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Wall-mounted secretary desk with wood veneer and aluminum Ivanovec

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Inspired by Loehr S1 Chapter (not replica Loehr S1 Chapter)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Product description

S1 Chapter is a wall-mounted secretary in wood veneer and powder-coated aluminum, a reinterpretation of a vintage desk that, in its own distinctive way, responds to the demand for new work solutions, due to the renegotiated balance between work and life space, the boundaries between the digital world and physical are blurring, and space itself is at a premium. The result is a discreet, wall-mounted piece of furniture, reduced in form to lines and surfaces. The foldable oak veneer top conceals a compartment for hidden storage. The sloping aluminum back panel provides a unique place for books, notes and items, or for keeping utensils and other materials within easy reach. The product made of individual elements is economically packaged, 100% recyclable and easy to repair. It can be used as an individual work surface, a standing desk or a sideboard. When placed in a row along a wall, it can be used to create entire workspaces.
The aluminum parts are manufactured by a specialized partner in Berlin. The powder coating is applied in the same facility as the final step of the manufacturing process. The wooden parts, including their finishing, are manufactured by a technical supplier in Bavaria. All small parts used were made in Europe. Special hinges come from a high-quality manufacturer from Austria.
– aluminum sheet, powder coated
– oak veneered fiberboard, varnished
– birch plywood, varnished
/>Small parts:
– die-cast zinc hinges
– raw aluminum spacers
– cover shock absorbers polyethylene (Ld-Pe)
– universal pins (nylon)
– galvanized steel screws
Technical data:
– Aluminum sheet of European production, material EN AW-Al Mg3 (according to DIN 3.3535), cold rolled.
– Powder based on polyester resin- coatings on metal parts do not contain solvents and heavy metals (REACH and RoHS compliant). The recovery rate of excess powder is 99%.
– The chipboard used in this product consists of 70% PEFC certified fresh wood and 30% recycled material.
– The veneer wood used comes from renewable sources sources, European forestry.
– Colored and clear varnishes used for wooden and composite surfaces are matte, light-resistant and produced as a 2K system based on acrylate. This surface treatment complies with: DIN 68861/1B (chemical damage to furniture surfaces), EN 71-3 (migration of soluble heavy metals). The paints used do not contain wood preservatives, toxic heavy metals, phthalate plasticizers, formaldehyde or CMR substances category
– Load capacity: 20 kg


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Wall-mounted secretary desk with wood veneer and aluminum Ivanovec

Wall-mounted secretary desk with wood veneer and aluminum Ivanovec

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