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Secretary's desk made of MDF board mounted to the wall Ladera

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Inspired by String Furniture String® System MEDIA SHELVES (not replica String Furniture String® System MEDIA SHELVES)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: String Furniture String® System

Product description

The String® System media shelf is available in one size, B58 x D47 x H10 cm and fits 30 cm deep String® System wire panels. The media shelf is designed to help you organize all your wires and cables, allowing them to disappear behind the shelf without the risk of getting caught between the wall and the shelf. The media shelf can be easily transformed into a workspace or drinks table. Each package contains one media shelf, one shelf to be placed against the wall to stabilize the media shelf with brackets.String® System is a Scandinavian shelving system designed to eliminate all storage problems. The shelving system allows you to build the shelf of your dreams. Create your own unique combination by combining metal and wooden shelves. Or play with colors and accessories. The possibilities are endless. The String shelving system is widely known for its distinctive wire panels, designed by architects Nisse Strinning and Kajsa Strinning in 1949. However, there are more options than the iconic wire panels. Nisse and Kajsa also designed panels made entirely of plexiglass. Plexiglass panels introduced to the market in 1954 were the first significant addition to the String system. Wire panels and plexi panels have clearly different faces, but they share a common denominator of classic Scandinavian design.

Technical data

W58 x H2 x D47 cm


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Secretary's desk made of MDF board mounted to the wall Ladera

Secretary's desk made of MDF board mounted to the wall Ladera

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