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PC chipboard desk with shelf Ardeoani

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Inspired by Movo The Genius (not replica Movo The Genius)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Product description

GENIUS is a model for users who prefer to isolate themselves from their surroundings while working to concentrate on work, so that their family or colleagues know that they are not available at that moment. This model was created as an extension of the PERFORMER model for more demanding customers looking for more storage space. It consists of 2 opening parts, one for electronic equipment and one for work equipment. The electrical equipment section provides space for a PC case and printer under the countertop, and the opening section is a private archive where you can neatly store all your work materials. The design refers to the PERFORMER model - a metal frame with a white, rounded chipboard and wooden details inside the compartments make the product "soft and pleasant".
textured chipboard in white (high gloss)
poplar plywood - textured HPL oak
white perforated metal
weight 91 kg
adapted to a laptop
integrated LED lighting with a switch
in fully lockable
power + USB charging station


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PC chipboard desk with shelf Ardeoani

PC chipboard desk with shelf Ardeoani

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