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Wooden pool table Aniche

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Inspired by Bilijardai Dino Sport Pro (not replica Bilijardai Dino Sport Pro)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

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DINO SPORT PRO is a new generation professional billiard table. This is an originally designed billiard table with a horizontal adjustment mechanism hidden inside. Professional billiard tables that meet the highest quality and technical standards/requirements.
Professional, soft plastic pocket inserts mounted from the top and inserted into metal pockets. Moreover, they are very durable and do not stain the balls. Durable leather pots can hold up to 15 balls. The high-quality rubber of the cushions is glued using special semi-automatic devices.
The frame is made of a 5.5 cm thick plywood block, the cushions are made of laminated hardwood, and a number of design improvements ensure durability. The features of the sports table have been confirmed by the EPBF certificate (one of the few tables in the world). Includes natural Brazilian slate and top quality Simonis 860. (Yellow Green or Tournament Blue colors).
Available in 8ft or 9ft size.
American Pool game only.


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Wooden pool table Aniche

Wooden pool table Aniche

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